PLOTHOLE Authors After Dark: An Interview with Nutiper


Nutiper is a writer of gay male erotica stories, usually with fantasy / sci-fi elements, but which are (mostly) otherwise set in our world. His stories can be found on the Gay Spiral Stories archive, and they feature things such as reality-changing wishes, slutty dudes, and transformations of both the mind and the body. 

His definitely-reputable online accolades include such feats as being the runner-up in the GSS archive’s Supernatural story contest (with “Kiss the Ring”) and the winner of the Pandemic story contest (with “Incubus Summoning for Fun & Profit”). He is currently hard at work on a story about how to be a better roommate. 

Find Nutiper on twitter here.

Find more of Nu’s stories on GSS.

This interview is part of a series with the 10 contributors to the PLOTHOLE: Loregasm Edition bundle!

S.Q. Neemie (Author and Audience Member): I’m very excited! I’m such a huge fan.

Soren Fitz (Author and Audience Member): For a moment, I thought you were Nutiper haha and I was like “hmmmmmmmmmmmm”.

S.Q. Neemie: A boy can dream! But alas, no, I’m only me.

Noam de Pluma (Author and Audience Member): 

There can only be one Nutiper

Of this you can rightly be sure

But Neemie’s not him

To Soren’s chagrin

Look before leaping, kind sir

S.Q.: Ha! And now I’m a huge fan of you.

(I mean, huger than before.)

(If possible.)

Time: Thanks for being here, @Nutiper!

Nutiper: Thank you, Time!

T: Your excited fans await — there’s poetry about you up above <3! 

I won’t make them wait any longer. 

First question: what is the origin of your pen name?

N: Poetry!! My god…

“Nutiper” happened to be the handle for my burner e-mail years ago, when I posted my first story.

The phrase itself is a near-meaningless bit of Russian. ну теперь. Not an exact translation, but it has a similar meaning as “Well, in that case, now—” So, not really a planned pseudonym! I just stuck with it. 😅

T: I really like it. I feel like it has the same energy as ‘time to occur’ — a precursor kind of phrase.

N: I like that!

T: Is it terrible SEO? It’s terrible SEO. But hey!

Noam de Pluma: Sometimes, things that are good SEO… are worse

Name ONE example (actually, don’t)

T: Okay, SO…(which is SEO minus the E), how did you get your start writing (and writing smut specifically)? How long have you been writing, and how long have you been writing smut? 

N: It was several years of just reading smut that inspired me to try my hand at writing it. I kinda wanted to see if I could do my own spin on it. I was 18 when I wrote and started posting my first smut story. So I guess I’ve been doing it on-and-off for fourteen years.

T: You have a story that you’d been writing for almost (doing math…) 12? years? What was that like, writing something over such a long time as you changed as a writer?

(I’m talking about Linden’s Throne.)

N: Me being like “which story could that possibly be….” 🤔 ha!

T: Ha! Hey, it’s for the audience so that I can link them to it in the transcript.

N:I know, I know 😊

And Linden’s Throne is the only novel-length thing I’ve completed in my life, and I posted the first chapter as a college freshman — and made a promise to readers that, no matter how long it took me, I would complete it. I kept my promise, but it took me over a decade to do it. 

Sometimes there’d be gaps as long as four years between chapters. The truth was, my life was often very chaotic in those eleven years. For a few of those years, I couldn’t really afford either an internet connection or a smartphone, for example.

But the challenge, I think, was coming back, every few years, to this novel-in-progress that I was determined to finish, and, like… reconciling the fact that the person who’d written the previous chapters was both younger, and a little different than who I was now.

So I worked quite hard to keep the flow as seamless as I could between all the various “Nutipers” as the chapters progressed. I’d also have to reread every chapter carefully before posting any new chapters, to make sure the many little plot threads were being handled correctly, and that I hadn’t dropped any details which I’d mentioned eight years ago in a previous chapter and forgotten to follow through on in the present…

I’m glad I was able to follow through on my original intention to complete the story! But I wouldn’t necessarily recommend doing it that way a second time, ha.

T: Like playing exquisite corpse with yourself.

Those do sound like very wild times! Is there anything more you want to share about the chaos? (Don’t feel that you have to.)

N: Nah lol it’s nothing special! Life is just always itself. It was hard to prioritize smut when so many other things felt like they needed my attention 😅

T: That is more than fair! Life finds a way of getting in the way. 

What is something unique to you — a special skill, a particular experience, or a challenge that you face — and how do you think that it has shaped or impacted your writing practice?

Soren Fitz: The fact that you were able to make this happen gives me hope for the Prince and the Frat Boys! lol. Long form works written slowly, with a lot of plot threads… hoo. Maybe I’ll have to take a look at this one.

N: Well funny that you bring up Linden’s Throne above, because I think that’s probably something that shaped my writing process a lot. The long process of it made me more thoughtful and careful in a lot of ways, I think. And about many things outside of writing too.

It also made me really, really reluctant to post a “first chapter” of anything on the site that I haven’t already finished 😅

T: Aww. Haha, I hear you there. And it makes sense to me that it would be formative to have to stick with those early choices. Did you ever consider rewriting any of the chapters?

(You do strike me as a person who takes a lot of care with what he does and says, by the way.)

N: Shortly after completing it, I revised some very small details in the early chapters, where I saw an old version of myself parroting something thoughtless from 2009 that I just didn’t want future readers to have to engage with. Nothing plot-related, just throwaway lines.

T: There’s that thought and care as a guiding light, again!

N: I don’t think I’ll rewrite any of the earlier chapters though, even though they feel a lot looser and less, uh…. Less like a taut rubber band, so to speak.

Or at least, to my eye today 😅

T: They’re where some past Nus live, I guess. Would be rude to evict them now when they worked so hard!

N: That’s a very cozy way of thinking of it! 🏘️

And I’m happy to look forward to future stories, and let the past stories and chapters be what they intended to be when I wrote them.

T: Hear, hear!

Speaking of the past and the Nus that have come before this current Nu.0, you’ve been a part of what became GaySpiralStories since 2008! 

What has that been like and how have things changed over time? 

What do you find surprising about being in a community of queer, kinky authors?

N: The current form of Martin’s sites is a godsend, honestly, compared to how things were in 2008! The tags and the searchability… the robust comments section and the little rating badges… the forum and this Discord server… The site is far more usable now, for both readers and writers, and there’s a real sense of a community. And so, so many more people are posting their stories as a result, I think.

Also, in some ways, there’s been more of a shift toward more people writing playful or even romantic stories that still play with the suite of mind-control/reality-bending kinks. The original version of what is now Gay Spiral Stories had a five-badge rating system too, if I remember right, but one of those badges was for “Humiliation” — meaning, every story was rated on how well it scored in the Humiliation kink. It kind of set the tone for what to expect with the stories. And a story that didn’t have much humiliation kink wasn’t going to do well in the overall ratings.

So I guess the surprising thing is maybe discovering that a lot of us that have mind-control/reality-bending kink buttons in our libido also really like happy endings and stories with a sense of humor 😊

T: Aww, a very wholesome discovery! That is a really interesting shift, and it’s easy to see how that would shape the content. Thanks for this insight!

Staying with the idea of community, what is the kind of community feedback that keeps you writing? What’s a comment or reaction that has stuck with you?

N: When I posted the final chapter of Linden’s Throne, the very first comment I got was:

This is the story that brought me to GSS in the first place, so many years ago. It feels kinda odd to say, but this is the porn I grew up with, haha. It sure shaped some of my kinks.

And I don’t know if I can say how much that bowled me over, and how much it meant to hear things like this.

Soren Fitz: It’s really cool to hear the shift toward “wholesome”/happy stories, as someone who trades entirely in them, haha. It’s definitely made me comfortable posting.

N: It’s funny, because there are definitely stories I’ve read on the site—smut stories!—that have elements and characters that stick in my head long, long after the smut, and which kinda become a small part of my mental landscape. To hear that something I wrote could possibly mean that much to someone else, in that way, was… ugh maybe this is cliche but it felt like an honor that something I’d written could possibly mean that much to someone.

T: Whoa, what an honour to be that for someone — a story that brought them to the site and stuck with them.

Noam de Pluma: Likewise. In my short time on the site, I’ve seen more and more of them, myself.

T: I fully feel you on the honour part. What’s kind of incredible about a community like this is, for the authors who are still writing, you can actually chat with them, reach out to them and tell them things! And to have had that kind of impact must feel very special. 

Okay, I’ve got my usual quote here. Robert Hass says, “It’s hell writing and it’s hell not writing. The only tolerable state is having just written.” Discuss. Or, to put the question another way, what’s your writing practice like and how do you hold space for it?

N: My writing practice is bizarre. 😅

There’s no regularity to it, but the one consistent motivator is, uh… let me think how to explain it

When I was in college I had to write an essay I really did not agree with and didn’t want to, and I couldn’t manage to force myself to do it—nothing would come. But I’d fail if I didn’t do it.

So the way I did it was to turn the essay into an elaborate acrostic spelling out an extremely rude phrase.

T: Oh. My. God. I love you, Nu.

N: Aw!!

T: Want to tell us the topic of the essay?

N: It was meant to be in praise of the college.

Noam de Pluma: Looks up the word acrostic. Nods in recognition.

T: Ew, that seems uhm…a little indoctrinate-y.

N: My very rude phrase got me top marks!

So it worked out lol

T: Haha, that is very satisfying.

N: But yeah, for whatever reason, creating games and pranks and little peculiar dares for myself ends up motivating me to write a story like nothing else.

T: Aww, it’s NULIPO!


Every smut story I’ve posted is doing that in some way, though often on a level that isn’t really visible to any readers, I think.

Noam de Pluma: I picked out evidence of one of your patterns after you alluded to it in conversation.

N: Yes, the famous alphabet game haha.

Noam de Pluma: At which point you divulged that there were TWO MORE games at work that I’d yet to pick up on 😤

N: Well “famous”.

Obviously it’s not famous lol.

T: Oh, yes, I had a question about the Alphabet game and was informed we would hear about it now, so I changed the question ;).

N: The other two games will give spoilers to the plots of all the stories if you know them! I was protecting you… (lol)

Yes, lol.

All my story titles are going backwards in the alphabet.

I’m possibly retiring when I reach A.

(maybe not lol we’ll see!!)

T: Wait, wait, wait. You play a game that includes all the plots of all the stories you will ever write?

N: Oh, not quite, but there’s a naming pattern to the characters and if you know it, then it gives away certain plots of certain stories

Noam de Pluma: How Byzantine.

N: The shape of the ending of Linden’s Throne, for example

T: Oh, yes, I know something about the naming of your characters, but not the rules. I think we might just give Dan Brown’s career new life if we can get him on the case.

N: It’s not that complicated 😅 I’m just trying to avoid accidentally spoilering things for Soren if he ends up reading the story!

T: Aw, that’s very considerate and caring of you.

N: Also, Soren, just a heads up: Linden’s Throne is a supernatural mystery and there’s a bad guy. They beat him in the end, but it’s not a straight-up romance! Stressful bad things happen. But they’re fixed and resolved by the end.

T: Can we get a hint about the third game?

N: Oh that one is easy and silly lol.

The main character’s name always ends in a Y or IE. It’s just little silly patterns like that.

But it gives me ideas, sometimes. I brainstorm titles based on the alphabet. Sometimes I move stories to different parts of my mental queue based on what letter is up next.

T: It’s excellent that it serves as inspiration to you!

I am very charmed. Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about your practice?

N: It’s a terrible way to motivate yourself to write if you want to write anything consistent 😅 Don’t do it, kids!

T: But I learned it from Nu!

Soren Fitz: I can dig it! I was considering asking about my triggers but didn’t want to derail the conversation, lol. It’s on my bookmark list now!

N: You can DM me and ask and I’ll let you know!

T: That’s lovely — I’m glad that’s a possibility.

Okay, this is going to shift gears a little bit. What do you like to read in queer porn? How do your tastes in reading differ from your tastes in writing?

N: I have a much stronger stomach for “dark” stories in my reading habits than what I tend to write. I think it’s the shape of my kink hindbrain, really — sometimes, something just really pushes a kink button and pushes it hard. I’ll forgive a lot if it’s all happening to push some button that just doesn’t get pushed a lot otherwise!

But I definitely prefer things to end nicely, I’m a big softie 😅

T: That makes sense — there’s an intensity to a dark erotic story that can be hard to get at otherwise.

N: That being said: sometimes, “things end nicely” can be “the person is very happy with how things ended up, even if their old self wouldn’t be as happy about it”. And if their old self isn’t a very kind person, it doesn’t feel like a “mean” story in quite that same way.

T: That’s a good distinction! There are definitely a lot of cases where that comes up.

N: (That being said: I wish certain people on the site understood better that humiliation kink is, well, a kink. We all understand what a fantasy is, and we all have our various kink buttons. Sometimes people have a kink for unhappy endings and hardcore humiliation. If that’s not your kink, then you can certainly use the tagging system to avoid those stories. I don’t much care for people who use the comments section on an appropriately-tagged story to just tell off the author for writing what they wrote. It feels like the commenter working out their own issues at the author’s expense, sometimes.)

T: (I hear that, too. Well said!)

Are there any online smut authors (whether recent or in your past) whom you’d consider particularly influential on your erotica?

N: Ooh, great question.

I agree!

T: I should hope so! In our pre-interview, Nu suggested this question, readers.

N: 😉

It’s interesting, because authors that end up feeling influential can be so different from authors we love and enjoy. Thinking back to my teen years, the authors that loomed large in what I was finding (back on MCStories) were people like Wrestlr, Topaz, Baralai…

T: Familiar names to many, I’m sure!

N: But in retrospect the author who influenced me the most at the time was ONIX. He had, uh… one second while I find the exact name lol

T: Ohh, I have definitely read some of ONIX’s work.

N:I don’t think it was ever formally organized under a series name, but some of his very first stories were his Damien stories.

They were written in the late nineties/early 2000s, and the premise is that a group of roommates bully out their one gay roommate to leave, and he comes to his friend Damien very upset — and Damien just so happens to be a 1990s twink with an attitude and magic powers. He promptly moves in as their new roommate, and then each story is him enacting some sort of gradual karmic transformation on the roommates, one by one, leading to gay fantasies galore.

The thing is, in the middle of this, the characters develop, and plot starts happening, and things go out of Damien’s control. He starts falling in love with one the post-transformation guys. His original friend comes up and almost messes things up. At one point Damien himself gets transformed too.

T: Oh, that’s such an interesting twist on the usual revenge fantasy.

N: It was very plot-driven, but the plot itself was driven entirely by the smutty happenings. Versus, say, a story with a more familiar SFW plot that happens to have erotica.

Soren Fitz: That is my favourite kind! To write, at least. The plot is the smut, because humans are sexual beings as much as they are other types of beings, and that part of them can develop, too. 

N: And it kind of had a monster-of-the-week approach, that gave a shape to each mini-story within the larger arc, except more like homophobe-transformed-and-turned-gradually-gay a week

T: I can see why that would have been influential for something like Linden’s Throne!

N: YEP. Bingo.

I didn’t make the connection till much later, to be honest, but I was like: oh. That’s where the idea for the shape of Linden’s Throne came from.

It’s interesting because so much has changed and evolved since the early 2000s in terms of what level and range of smut stories are even available.

T: Of course — I imagine you’re a more reflective person now than your younger self might have been, but being steeped in something can also make it hard to name and recognize.

N: Some things that feel more expected and normal now were like “damn that’s the first time I’ve ever seen this” at the time, and then influenced a whole generation of writers I think….

T: Yes, I imagine there are the origins of whole genres in some of those older stories! 

N: I could go on and on about influences, to be honest. I love thinking about it and tracking how things developed in the ‘genre’ we write in, haha

Yes, exactly! 

T: Well, how about this? I’d love to hear about more recent influences if you have any.

N: There’s at least two other authors I’d call out as pretty influential, also — one a bit more recent, and one very recent, ha

ooh, haha. We’re finishing each other’s sentences.

T: I’m glad we’re seeing a similar shape to this conversation! 

N: Derek Williams has been influential on my thinking in some key ways.

Not just with this knack he has in his own stories for finding the perfect, funniest, glib way of jumping straight into the premise. I admire that deftness.

T: Definitely something to be admired!

N: But also with how he approaches being an author with some degree of “name” and reputation. He’s very thoughtful about it.

There’s no ego to it, and there’s a lot of care given to the fact that what he says can have an outsize weight on others, just because so many people are like “oh my god, you”

T: It sounds like this ties into the practices of care that we talked about earlier together — what something like writing Linden’s Throne across a decade taught you.

N: I really liked how he approached that situation in 2020 (I think?) with the AI Dungeon stories, where he turned it into this long careful experiment in writing a long-form story with it as an ‘assistant’, and then documented the whole process, his thoughts on it, the strengths and weaknesses… and put it all into a thread on the forum as a resource

T: It’s like the modern smut version of The Policeman’s Beard Is Half-Constructed :3

N: I also really liked his inventive and visibly effective approach to the Patreon model, which felt like giving an additional model to other smut authors for how they might try approaching something like Patreon for themselves in a way that feels both fair to the patrons and not so stressful to the authors themselves.

T: That makes a lot of sense! What’s that model like?

Soren Fitz: I can send a screenshot if that’s something you can upload to the transcript!

Derek William’s Patreon setup

T: I can! Thank you.

N: Oh yes I was glancing at it to make sure I describe it right.

Pretty much, as a patron, you only get billed if a story gets posted. And stories will not get posted more than twice a month.

T: Oh, yes, I’ve seen this model before for artists and such.

N: Also, the fact that he specifies the ‘niche’ he’s writing is so smart.

T: The rule about how often he posts is very good! That way people know what to expect money-wise. 

N: People really like consistency in their smut specifically in terms of “will it mash this particular kink button for me?”

Derek labels things very clearly, and I think it inspires confidence in people that they know exactly what they’re getting.

T: I can see why his authorial practices and experiments are inspiring to you!

N: Yeah!

Whew, I can go long about authors I think of as influential on me, haha…

T: Tell us about the new new author!

N: And I haven’t even gotten to the very recent one

Blue! 🔵

bluesuedewho on the site 😄

Soren Fitz: (Did I guess it or did I guess it?)

(I didn’t guess it out loud, lol.)

T: Yeah, I could have guessed that, too!

It’s been delightful to see Blue get his start and there’s always a little mention of you ❤️ 

Soren Fitz: Seems like you two are fast friends, too!

T: It seems like your feedback has been really appreciated.

N: I know the influence goes both ways but his approach to sex scenes, for me, took my hat clean off in terms of “oh, you can do it like this”

T: Like what?

N: He’s also always so inventive with his premises and it’s very fun and inspiring

He tends to build up his sex scenes in a way where the half the “heat” of it is coming from things changing and developing within the protagonist’s own body (and their mind too in the sense of “the mind is the plaything of the body”), and it just creates so much more narrative interest for me as a reader.

Noam de Pluma: He is gifted. And a gift.

N: I’m not always the ideal smut reader, and descriptions of sex can only hold me for so long before I begin skimming.

But sex that feels like it’s developing things about the character, or sex that throughout is actively pushing forward the plot (even if the plot is just “this guy turns into a HIMBO!”), is very hard to look away from.

T: Well, sometimes it’s really the setup and the foreplay around the act rather than the act itself that pushes the kink button. But it’s great that Blue keeps you in the moment!

N: Yes, 100%. And that was my approach for a lot of things — I think the key “sex” scene in Jackpot! Bubble Butt! is entirely in the seduction of the protagonist, and his reaction afterward to his new self. The sex moment itself feels like hitting the bell DING DING but not the point or where the heat comes from.

T: Obviously, you know my opinion on sex that keeps the plot going — it’s part of the reason we’re talking tonight!

N: It sure is!

T: So, those are some of your influences, both from way back and more recently. It also seems like you’re in direct contact with some of those influences! Is your smut writing a solo practice? Is there ever a collaborative aspect to it? 

N: Ha! For my own stories, it’s a solo practice. But I near-accidentally connected with Blue when he was posting chapters to his first story on the site—Human Fan Club. It was getting very little attention, but I thought it was one of the most enjoyable and playful things I’d read on the site in a while, and I was cheerleading it very hard, haha. At one point he dropped off updating, and I swallowed my shyness and reached out kinda tentatively via the forum DMs, telling him how much I liked the story and that if he was ever feeling stuck or needing someone to bounce ideas off of, I’d be really happy to help out if I could.

T: Aww, that’s very, very sweet. Human Fan Club is a favourite of mine, too, so thank you to Blue for continuing and to you for cheerleading it.

N: We were both sort of cautious and shy about the interactions at first I think, and being very polite and not wanting to offend the other.

T: I can imagine — it’s sort of an intimate subject, isn’t it, smut writing?

N: Well, any writing, I think! And it’s so common to have an occasional pushy reader reach out and offer suggestions (or sometimes just demands) that essentially rewrite the story entirely to their own kinks.

T: Right, which is uncomfortable if it’s unasked for.

I will also always remember the week where you mid-(husbanded?) a story of mine into the world. You were very gracious about me sharing sections to read everyday! It’s something that I appreciated a lot.

N: Aww!! I’m so glad to hear that! I enjoyed that story a lot!

The reason I think that Blue and I have managed to work on his stories so well together is that I care about the stories he’s writing quite a lot, and about his point of view and what he’s wanting to say. My kinks and his kinks aren’t identical, even if there are overlaps, and it’s important to kind of throw out the ego and the neediness and be able to focus on the person you’re working with, and the story they’re telling and which is exciting to both of you.

T: That makes sense! It’s about what’s going to make the story the best version of itself.

N: And yes, exactly.

But I think it also helps that Blue and I discovered we get along well and also both have overlapping senses of humor, lol, and things got really fun and collaborative with some stories in particular.

T: That sounds like such a delightful, unexpected relationship to have fostered! I am so glad for the two of you. 

Let’s talk more about your work.

Jackpot! Bubble butt! (Gonna make you feel so hot!) is set in a fantastical version of DC where magical artefacts abound. I know that you took great pains to get the setting right, including getting tips from people living there. Why was it important to you to set the story there, and what was it like to do that research?

N: For whatever reason, the mental image for that story just arrived in my head as set in Washington, D.C. I’d been there a few scant times when visiting a friend who used to live there. I’d really liked the city and enjoyed walking around it late at night, just kinda absorbing it. And the unique challenge of setting that story in a very real place just made it more of a “game” to write, in that “this is going to motivate me!” sort of way. I’ve also read stories that are set in real cities, and then later got to visit the city and been able to visit landmarks from the story, and it’s just a very enjoyable thing to pull off when done well.

The research was hellish because I didn’t know anyone still living in D.C., much less someone who I felt like I could ask for smut advice to make sure I got details right. In fact, when I posted the first chapter of the story, I got some comments pointing out details I’d gotten wrong in terms of neighborhood names, stuff like that.

T: Sometimes the story doesn’t give you a choice!

N: Very luckily, Dace (who is also in this bundle!) knew the city really well, and he and I connected over DMs!

T: Dace! We get to talk tomorrow.

N: I asked him a lot of very detailed questions, and then revised the first chapter and uses his notes to make sure the second chapter felt ‘right’.

(I’m looking forward to reading that talk!)

But yeah, I also went off my own memories of the “vibe” and then some Google Maps images to make sure I knew what the exact street of Wes’s house looked like… I looked up a lot of details about the gay bars that get mentioned in the story, to make sure I wasn’t flubbing any small details… stuff like that.

T: That makes sense. It’s brave to write something that can be fact-checked! Did you also fact-check the magical artefacts of DC? 😉

N: No need to, those I have personal experience with. 😉

T: What else do you want us to know about your story in the PLOTHOLE bundle and any other stories in there?

N: I guess the only thing I’d say about my story is that this is one of the few I’ve written where…. well, SPOILERS:

….where the “bad guy wins”—sort of. So I’d caution readers who dislike that, perhaps.

I guess I’d also add, though, that in some ways, Jackpot! Bubble Butt! is a flip on a more typical type of protagonist we might see in some GSS stories. He’s smart, confident, and capable. He’s a top, who is used to getting his way. He’s solving a supernatural mystery, and very good at what he does, and is used to getting what he wants. He’d almost be an author-insert type of character, the sort of Smug, Confident, Highly Capable Man… except that these type of characters are often also, well. They’re assholes lol. If you look at what he’s actually doing, he’s not a very good person. The only person he really cares about is himself. And then he meets someone who is at least as selfish as he is, and he underestimates the danger he’s in, quite badly.

Of course, that’s describing it in very non-erotic terms. 😅 In terms of smut, it’s also a domination fantasy! If your kink buttons get pushed by losing control and having someone else take the reins of your experience, then what reads as “oh no!” to some is more like “oh yeah!” to others.

T: Oh yeah! ❤️

Noam de Pluma: Nonsense. My kinks and tastes are universal.

Ask anyone.

T: (I love this story.)

Which of your favourite kink/erotica tropes do you think is the most unusual? What are your top three?

N: Most unusual is my “genie” thing, I think, in the sense that I literally haven’t read a single story that actually hits the kink in the way I mean when I say “my genie thing”.

After I finish my current in-progress story, I’m planning to start a multi-chapter thing titled Genie Nights and hopefully it will do a better job of explaining what I mean by “my genie thing”.

T: If your genie thing is anything like your demon thing…<3

N: And I don’t if these are exactly the top three, but three kink tropes near the top for me include, uh…

1. Magical lust, and being overwhelmed by the body’s needs and desires (aka “the mind is the plaything of the body…” so if the body is transformed in a certain way to be extra-sensitive or whatnot, the mind will follow, etc)

2. Having a form of power (like a wishing rock) and then losing control of it to someone else—essentially, the reins of the experience being completely in someone else’s hands.

3. Obliviousness to magical changes where it’s clear to the reader that reality is warping around the protagonist (and probably making them more gay/slutty/etc) but the protagonist is oblivious to it 

T: Thank you so much for sharing these with us! I can see how those play out in some of my favourite of your stories. And I now know what I’m writing next ;)!

N: 👀


T: In your own body of work, do you have a favourite story, a favourite character, or any other favourite elements? You’re allowed to pick more than one, and I promise I won’t tell any of them.

(I made Valentine fanart, so I think you might know my best boy.)

Time’s fanart of Valentine

Noam de Pluma: Coughvalentinecough

N: Yes, I will admit that Valentine (from Incubus Summoning For Fun & Profit) has…. fans….

T: (I want to feed him waffles and spin a chore wheel with him!)

N: (Valentine is the name of the buff friendly incubus who ends up trapped in an apartment with the main characters, except they don’t realize he’s not their regular roommate thanks to Mind Magic and they are just… trying to figure out where the incubus went… “Valentine, have you seen the incubus?! Where is it hiding?” as Valentine takes a bubble bath with great pleasure etc)

I do have a soft spot for Linden’s Throne, to be honest—sorry Valentine!—just because it took so long, and was so satisfying to complete.

T: It’s a great story and you should be proud of how you sustained it.

It’s an amazing timeline document too — seeing your writing evolve!

As promised, I won’t tell Valentine about your choice.

N: Yeah! You can literally see the writing get less and less clunky with each chapter! 😄

T: The last few chapters are definitely stronger, and I think that’s absolutely fine. The early ones are great, too! The attention with which you describe those early outfits for Adam is amazing! 

N: Adam, haha.

The one who gets caught in a spell so that his personality changes based on whatever he’s wearing. The perfect method actor.

Until one of the characters realizes this and gets curious what happens if they put him into nothing but a thong…

T: It’s delightful, is what it is!

Your stories have fantastical elements mixed into a modern-day setting. Have you ever had a day that made you feel like you were living in the world of one of your stories?

N: Sometimes I wonder if my cat is actually a friendly visitor from the demonic realm and I’m just oblivious about it, so yes, I’d say most days!

T: Cats are mysterious entities!

Any shoutouts, last words, rude remarks, or requests for anyone reading this?

N: Enjoy your evenings!

T: Thanks for being here with us, Nu! You are such a delightful person to chat with.

S.Q. Neemie: Excellent interview. Thanks!

Noam de Pluma: One wonders if you’ve made this entire interview an elaborate acrostic….

N: Thank you for the interview, Time, and for putting this all together!

I could isolate, consciously, little. Everything seemed blurred, yellow-clouded, yielding nothing tangible. Her inept acrostics, maudlin evasions, theopathies – every recollection formed ripples of mysterious meaning. Everything seemed yellowly blurred, illusive, lost.

T: My pleasure! It’s nice to have my waffle and chore wheel plans out in the open, finally.

N: 😉

Noam de Pluma: Ugh, now I have to parse that thing. Thanks, Nu.

N: (Here, Noam!)

Noam de Pluma: Phew!

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