PLOTHOLE: Loregasm Edition

The first edition of PLOTHOLE, the bundle of queer porn with plot, curated by time-to-occur, is now available on until June 15th 2022!

Featuring 10 authors and 17 stories, PLOTHOLE‘s inaugural edition, Loregasm, is all about stories that combine hot as hell erotica with original lore and worldbuilding. 

With content written just for PLOTHOLE along with some older fan favourites, there’s something (very gay) for everyone in this bundle.

  • Enter a world where spaceships are powered by orgasms and the longer the donors are edged, the bigger the energy spike.
  • Visit a long-lost island where men grow so large that they can be used as tourist attractions.
  • Find out who the serial magical butt-grower is in Washington, DC.
  • Discover the history of a tattoo that moves from person to person, enthralling all who see it and compelling them to have sex.
  • Join a misguided Reverend on his quest to rid his town of a witch. It’s a shame he makes the assumption that all witches are women.
  • Have a visit with a man whose family line is able to transform into objects and see how this gift helps him bond with his son-in-law.
  • Rediscover a fresh take on Fae lore and Thin Lizzy’s The Boys are Back in Town.
  • Meet the adult Magical Boys defending the earth from kaiju hailing from another dimension.
  • Follow a young man on the day of his coming-of-age in a casual-sex based society as he is to be blessed by the gods at the temple of Efron.

These are just a few of the worlds and stories you’ll find in this edition of PLOTHOLE!

Proceeds from the bundle are split between the authors and their chosen charities, The Trevor Project and the You Can Play Project.

With many thanks to shirobatte for designing PLOTHOLE’s first cover along with covers for many of the stories within!